Kepner-Tregoe获得Brandon Hall集团的银质卓越奖

10月 7, 2013

Global consultancy joins other winners including Merck, Dell, General Electric and Hewlett-Packard

PRINCETON, NJ – Oct. 7, 2013–Kepner-Tregoe (KT), the global capability development and consulting company, was recently recognized by the Brandon Hall Group with a Silver Excellence Award for “Best Learning Team” in conjunction with Enspire Studios of Austin, Texas. KT received the award for its video components in the recently upgraded 解决问题和决策 (PSDM) solution. The Brandon Hall Excellence Award is bestowed annually and viewed as one of the most prestigious by learning, talent and business executives.

When KT elected to significantly upgrade its flagship PSDM solution, it was determined that to better meet customer needs, the solution would need to feature new tools designed to enhance a learner’s engagement, understanding and ability to apply KT清晰的思维 in their workplace—most notably the integration of video assets.

Work began in the spring of 2012 with specific objectives for the development of the new video segments being clearly defined. These objectives included presenting case studies that reflected contemporary work environments and technology. The segments also needed to feature compelling narratives and captivating visual style to engage and maintain interest of learners. Finally, to convey critical, often detailed, case study information more effectively and efficiently, the videos needed to feature an engaging mix of live action video, infographics and other motion graphics.

The introduction of the upgraded PSDM has been roundly lauded. Over the last nine months, KT’s global delivery team has been hosting sessions with KT clients using the new videos and materials and received outstanding reviews.

“We appreciate the external validation of the extraordinary work that everyone at KT has accomplished with the update of our PSDM solution,” said Chris Geraghty, chief executive officer at KT. “We set out to modernize an already successful program, and we believe we have accomplished that—and much more. We appreciate the insight and expertise that our partners at Enspire provided to help KT achieve this recognition.”

The Brandon Hall Silver Excellence Award is the latest in a string of accolades Kepner-Tregoe has received in 2013. Earlier this year, KT was Highly Commended after being named a finalist by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) for “Best Strategy Project Award” and received the “Consulting Standard of Excellence Award” from the Web Marketing Association for the redesign of the KT corporate website.


Kepner-Tregoe(KT)在全球范围内提供能力发展和咨询解决方案,帮助建立思考型组织,以清晰和自信的方式解决最紧迫的问题。总部设在普林斯顿的Kepner-Tregoe公司成立于1958年,基于对人们如何思考、解决问题和做出决定的突破性研究,致力于帮助企业通过提高质量、增加效率和降低成本实现卓越运营。KT的 "清晰思考 "被用于客户组织的各个层面:实施战略;实现运营的逐步改善;提高支持组织的客户满意度;以及推动整个组织的卓越问题解决。KT为复杂的世界提供清晰的思维。欲了解更多信息,请访问公司的网站 或其社交媒体平台上的 ǞǞǞ推特脸书 和 淘宝网.


Lara Zuehlke