Performance Coaching

Continuous improvement is a mindset

We all know that feedback is important to help individuals and teams improve. Having an appropriate model and focus for coaching will improve the value of feedback. High-performance coaching is about helping people reach their full potential, in any area of their lives. For the manager as coach, this means working with people to improve their performance at work.

High-performance coaching may also involve working with other people within your organization – collaborating with other managers and leaders to make the workplace a high-performance organization, one that helps everyone to perform at their best by resolving the most important issues as effectively as possible.

What Diagnostics Is

Improved performance requires increased capabilities and capacity

  • Observations drive accuracy

    Helping people maximize their performance when adding news skills requires feedback that is framed in terms of accurate descriptions of what is going on. Sharing data that is inarguable and free from judgement, interpretation, or assumption, yields a clear roadmap of the changes necessary for higher levels of performance.

  • Building relevance ensures engagement

    When we provide feedback on things that are important, and that the recipient cares about, we ensure engagement and a willingness to act on the information. Building relevance ties new capabilities and skills to desired outcomes and ensures behavioral alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

  • Establishing consequences confirms results and guides choices

    Being transparent about the consequences of behavior change and maintaining status quo confirms the boundaries and constraints for the person receiving coaching. Creating a context for action makes it easier for the feedback to be matched to behavioral outcomes.

  • Actionable feedback creates momentum

    Coaching is not passive. Creating a persistent flow of performance modifying feedback that supports the right actions, executed in the right place, at the right time, maximizes effectiveness and yields organization momentum.

The greatest athletes would never be without one

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Coaching to gain a competitive advantage

Managers control the involvement of the right people, but effective coaches help employees gain confidence in moving ahead by recognizing their capabilities and responsibilities.


When tough situations arise, coaches provide oversight and structure.


Good coaching inspires individuals to develop their own expertise and insights, and find they are better equipped to step up and meet new challenges.

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