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Global Experience Targeted Results

Industries around the world rely on Kepner-Tregoe to improve the way work is done. Through consulting and training services, we work in concert with clients to solve problems and improve business outcomes.

Our consulting projects and capability development programs are designed to produce targeted results that will provide a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.


Kepner-Tregoe has worked with the majority of leading automotive OEMs and most tier-1 suppliers throughout the world, providing an analytic approach to wide-ranging operational challenges. Our powerful rational processes for resolving complex issues are used to resolve problems and make decisions related to production, quality, engineering, finance and global supply chain management..


Semiconductor manufacturers rely on Kepner-Tregoe to improve problem solving within the complexity of high-tech manufacturing. While advanced monitoring and AI can maintain stability and quality with precision, when problems do arise, engineers and technicians face increasingly rare, new, and complex problems. KT consulting and training programs help troubleshooters use the right data at the right time to accelerate problem solving and find quality solutions to manufacturing’s thorniest issues.

Financial Services

Financial services companies rely on our analytic approaches throughout their challenging and increasingly digitized operations. Kepner-Tregoe ITSM services and products improve IT stability, and problem and incident management. By integrating our structured thinking methods into the way work is done, clients use data to make better decisions and reduce risk. KT analytic problem solving is used in Lean, back-office initiatives to help drive out waste and improve the customer experience.

IT & Communications

The IT and communications industry and IT organizations within other industries rely on Kepner-Tregoe’s unique combination of training, coaching, and consulting services to get to the root cause of problems, restore major incidents faster, and permanently address IT stability challenges. Our solutions for incident and problem management build individual and team capabilities and ultimately, improve the customer experience.


Pharmaceutical companies rely on Kepner-Tregoe root cause analysis, a globally recognized approach for improving the precision and speed of issue resolution, the CAPA process, and the regulatory compliant documentation of investigations. Our structured, advanced critical thinking approaches to problem solving and decision making are used and applied across help desks, in logistics and finance functions, and in the executive suites of our pharmaceutical clients.

Medical Devices

Working in a highly regulated environment, where quality is essential and competition demands continuous improvement, medical device companies rely on KT to improve investigations and corrective and preventive actions with rapid, quality issue resolution and regulatory reporting. Using Kepner-Tregoe’s approach to documented troubleshooting for root cause and risk analysis, our client organizations and regulators gain confidence in the CAPA process and reported results.


In times of uncertainty and rapid change, Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training programs help companies in the chemical industry to operate more effectively and securely. As companies seek greater stability and efficiency with AI and advanced monitoring capabilities, when problems do occur, they are increasingly complex requiring advanced troubleshooting capabilities. The structured KT analytic processes use data effectively to solve problems, make decisions, and manage risk.

Consumer Products

Consumer products companies turn to KT to develop critical thinking capabilities to address challenges related to product development, manufacturing, and capital spending.

Aerospace & Defense

Driven by the highest levels of quality, safety, and reliability, aerospace organizations rely on Kepner-Tregoe to help them resolve complex issues and maintain high standards. In space operations, at government contractors, and other aircraft, engines and parts manufacturers, Kepner-Tregoe critical thinking skills are a reliable toolset for working proactively and using data efficiently in pursuit of zero defects.

Food & Beverage

Challenged by disruption and change, the food and beverage industry relies on Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training for analytic approaches to issue resolution.

Power & Utilities

The highly regulated power and utilities industry turns to Kepner-Tregoe to build problem solving skills that address reliability, cost savings, process improvements.

Metals & Mining

The global metals and mining industry works with Kepner-Tregoe to accelerate the way complex problems are solved in high-tech environments.


From building sites to planning meetings to production lines, Kepner-Tregoe serves construction and engineering companies with consulting and training services that optimize scarce project resources, improve safety and reliability and advance the way work is done. Kepner-Tregoe’s data-driven, analytic problem solving and decision making methods are used in the construction industry to integrate risk management, make complex decisions, support Lean initiatives and resolve quality and supply chain challenges.

Paper & Packaging

The paper industry builds problem solving skills and addresses safety, quality and reliability globally by turning to Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry uses Kepner-Tregoe critical thinking skills at all levels of the organization to tackle complex and never-experienced issues.

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