A few words about the Oil & Gas Industry

As government, investor and corporate actions escalate efforts to fight climate change with decarbonization, the Oil and Gas industry is pushing forward with rapid and comprehensive transformation measures, while simultaneously facing the challenge of digitized production, uncertain demand, and new forms of competition. In addition, an increasingly demanding customer base, and a dynamically evolving digital environment have accelerated industry efforts to adapt and thrive.

Today oil and gas companies are building streamlined operational platforms utilizing advanced critical thinking skills at all levels of the organization—from the executive decision-makers all the way through to new hires in production and maintenance. Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training programs are helping the industry to secure its future by developing the skills needed to survive and thrive.

While digitization and advanced monitoring improve stability and efficiency, when something does go wrong, organizations need employees who can tackle complex problems and never-experienced issues head on and quickly. Our structured approach to problem solving and decision making is used globally by individuals and teams to avoid data overload and uses simplified data analytics efficiently to accelerate complex issue resolution.

With a unique, cross-industry perspective, Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training is at home in frontline operations, IT support, administrative offices and other functions, helping to produce continuous improvement with documented, sustainable results such as cost savings, superior quality and improved safety.

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Oil Refinery Avoids Shut Down Through Structured Root Cause Analysis

Lonnie Wilson, the author of the Lean classic, How to Implement Lean Manufacturing, describes a real-life example of how, in record time, refinery engineers avoided a major shutdown by using a structured problem-solving process.

Want to Reach New Levels of Operational Excellence? Give Frontline Workers the Floor

The quest for operational excellence is never-ending. But when continuous improvement programs fall short, disappointing results usually circle back to the fact that the changes were not owned by the frontline. Give them the floor and watch what happens.

A Continuous-Improvement Mindset Prepares You for the Unknown

Continuous Improvement is more than an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. A continuous-improvement mindset can focus energy and attention on taking structured action in the face of unexpected change.

Operational Excellence: How Daily Management Reduces Stress

Daily Management reduces stress with a systematic approach to operations management that provides reassurance that things are going as expected or being acted on to bring processes in line with key operational targets.


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