Incident Management

Handling incidents with confidence

Never panic again. Incident management is stressful when you have no formal process in place. A major incident can be catastrophic to your business when not managed properly. Kepner-Tregoe’s Major Incident Management approach enables your organization to be fully prepared to handle any crisis that occurs. Resolving major incidents requires everyone to be on the same page following a robust process.

This will reduce stress and the amount of time wasted on ineffective trial-and-error attempts to solve major outages. Through improved major incident management, your staff is effective, resolution time is reduced, and your customers are happier.

What Diagnostics Is

Our Approach

  • Take control under pressure

    Actively manage the end-to-end process of service restoration from initial triage/assessment, to troubleshooting the issue, choosing appropriate countermeasures and managing stakeholder communications.

  • Perform under pressure

    When speed to restore service is everything KT problem-solving techniques strike the balance between the impulse to take quick action and the need for gathering the right data.

  • Lead and manage your incident calls

    Manage and guide large groups of incident teams (e.g., on bridge calls) through a structured approach and targeted moderation and communication.

  • Create visibility

    Display critical data using advanced dashboarding techniques to manage risks and keep all critical stakeholders “in the know .“


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Restoring service—confidently, under pressure

Successfully facilitate the incident resolution process by gathering the most relevant data and driving decisions while managing risk under pressure.


Apply advanced incident management skills to manage the end-to-end process of service restoration.


Quickly apply knowledge in your organization through dynamic learning that incorporates case studies and real-world situations to go beyond theory to application.

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