Quality Improvement

Drive customer satisfaction

Quality improvements can deliver far-reaching value to an organization when they move key metrics in the right direction, for example reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, or improving employee engagement. In regulated industries, quality improvements may be required to comply with regulated standards through improving investigations, corrective/preventive actions, and reporting.

In IT support and service management organizations, quality is pursued by finding ways to accelerate and improve issue resolution. Manufacturers improve quality by eliminating deviations, reducing rework and waste, and improving throughput. Ultimately improving quality increases customer satisfaction and is achieved best by working proactively to avoid problems ever occurring.

What Diagnostics Is

Analytic thinking skills provide a foundation for quality improvement

  • In a world awash with data, complex problem-solving skills are essential

    Digitization has helped organizations to monitor and prevent quality problems from occurring. But inevitably problems do arise. The ability to use data to resolve complex issues is essential to any quality initiative.

  • Successful quality initiatives don’t settle for reactive improvements

    In addition to responding to quality problems with accuracy and speed, improving quality requires moving from repair to continuous improvement and from solving problems to designing to prevent problems.

  • Quality is everyone’s goal

    Prioritizing quality requires taking quality out of its own department and integrating it organization-wide: promoting quality by encouraging and supporting people’s problem solving, planning, and risk management endeavors.

Quality is firmly linked to your reputation and bottom line

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Quality failures can have a devastating effect on an organization. By setting robust standards for quality and embedding advanced problem-solving skills into the way work is done, organizations can improve quality and pursue continuous improvement. This translates into cost savings, strengthened supplier and regulatory relationships, and greater customer satisfaction.

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