Retour à la normale : outils de résolution de problèmes pour concentrer votre entreprise sur la croissance

After a year of unpredictable, changing threats due to the pandemic, organizations are looking ahead and rebuilding a foundation for the future. For many, the pandemic laid bare a need for effective problem solving at all levels in the organization. Building advanced problem-solving and decision-making skills can lay the groundwork for meeting threats and for embracing new opportunities. The new normal provides an opportunity to refocus on growth with high-value training that is immediately relevant on the job.

Increasingly individuals and organizations are looking for ways to stop “fighting fires” and refocus on planning for the future and fulfilling important commitments.

Kepner-Tregoe LiveOnline Problem-Solving and Decision-Making training is an efficient way to build the core processes needed for effective issue resolution. Increasingly individuals and organizations are looking for ways to stop “fighting fires” and refocus on planning for the future and fulfilling important commitments. Our targeted training programs are designed for a remote classroom setting and are used successfully in corporations worldwide.

KT LiveOnline draws on the Kepner-Tregoe tried-and-true workshop experience where participants gather in real time to build new skills. Led by an experienced instructor, KT LiveOnline uses a web meeting platform to provide you access to the specific problem-solving and decision-making skills you want to develop.

The live, group setting maximizes engagement and is easily customizable to the schedule and needs of the group. Learners deepen critical thinking skills while applying them to real issues and considering how to incorporate them back on the job.

Our programs include additional coaching from our certified and experienced workshop instructors.

Considered the “gold standard” in critical thinking skills, KT Problem Solving & Decision Making training is available in LiveOnline workshops within your organization or through our public workshop offerings. Our programs include additional coaching from our certified and experienced workshop instructors. With its flexible format, the workshop can offer the full KT Problem Solving and Decision Making training or just the processes you want to focus on now. Sessions offered include:

  • Analyse du problème : This analytic approach to gathering and evaluating relevant information helps participants efficiently find the cause when things are not working as they should. Our step-by-step process cuts through data to quickly resolve issues. Participants learn to identify problems and define problem scope, create and test possible causes and confirm the true cause before taking action.
  • Analyse des décisions : This systematic, data-driven approach to decision making guides the reasoning needed to make the best-balanced choice. Our analytic process supports more effective strategic, operational, and tactical decision making. Participants learn to identify objectives, choices and risks for potential decisions and use simple-but-robust techniques to make the best choices.
  • Évaluation de la situation : This critical thinking technique helps to impose order when faced with disorder, uncertainty, or confusion. Workshop participants learn to establish priorities and decide when and how to take actions that make good sense and produce good results. When faced with difficult situations/projects or just managing day-to-day planning, Situation Appraisal helps to clearly define and prioritize issues. This leads to planning the appropriate actions that will yield the best results in a timely manner.
  • Analyse des problèmes potentiels : This analytic approach to risk management protects the success of actions or projects. Participants learn to prevent serious problems and limit the impact of problems that happen. In addition, participants learn Potential Opportunity Analysis, a similar process for identifying and leveraging future opportunities.

We also offer focused, LiveOnline training for specific industry applications. For example, manufacturing operations may also choose our Root Cause Analysis Workshop. Our LiveOnline IT service management workshops include Fondements du dépannage, Major Incident Management and Gestion des problèmes.

If you would like to bring KT LiveOnline to your organization, contactez-nous to learn how we can best meet your needs. The full program is also available to individuals and small groups through our public workshop offerings held online in locations/time zones around the world.

To learn more about how improved problem solving and decision making is empowering organizations, review our case studies et award-winning applications of KT processes.

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