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[Interview] Remarkable Women Series

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In a series of interviews with Phillip Thompson, Vice President Global Growth, Client Services and Marketing of Kepner-Tregoe, we had the pleasure of speaking with two exceptional women who have made significant contributions to their respective industries. Alice Chou and Sim Cher Whee shared their career journeys, challenges, and achievements with us.

Below, you will find brief summaries of each interview and links to the full articles.

Why Should We Care About Women Leaders?

The article is an interview with Alice Chou, a global HR executive with 25+ years of experience. Chou emphasizes the importance of embracing women leaders in corporations and highlights the value of mentorship, sponsorship, and alliances in developing women leaders. She notes that women leaders have very high bars and can be their own worst enemies, being self-critical. Continue reading…

Achieving Career Success Through Self-reflection and Balance

This article offers insights on overcoming obstacles, letting principles guide you, and finding balance in work and life for women in business.
Continue reading…

Alice Chou
Alice Chou, Global HRBP, Corporate Functions, R&D & Worldwide Business
A global leading semiconductor company

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change

Cher Whee’s journey as a minority engineer in a male-dominated industry has been challenging, but she rose to become a change-maker in the industry. Her leadership style, which emphasizes diversity and inclusion, asking questions, and a growth mindset, provides valuable lessons for aspiring women leaders. Continue reading…

Career Hacks to Help You Reach Your Goals

The modern job market is competitive and fast-paced, and standing out and advancing in one’s career can be challenging. However, by applying some career hacks, you can position yourself for success and achieve your professional goals. In this article, we explore the insights and experiences of Sim Cher Whee, a successful leader in the semiconductor industry, and discover her tips for navigating the complexities of career growth. Continue reading…

Thriving in Leadership Positions

In this Q&A, Cher Whee offers advice to women starting their careers in male-dominated fields and discusses how to promote equal opportunities for professional development. She also talks about her approach to diversity and inclusion and how she ensures it in the talent acquisition process. Continue reading…

Cher Whee Sim
Sim Cher Wee, VP, Global Talent Acquisition, Mobility & Immigration
Micron Technology

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