Problem Management

Increasing IT stability

Technology drives the ability to offer new services and solutions to customers, but not without increasing the complexity of systems, and the opportunity for potential problems. These might arise through an issue with the initial design, during a release management process, or could be the result of a recent change request. If problem management is purely a reactive function, how can an organization get ahead of issues so it can focus on continuous service.

It is critical that teams are empowered to minimize the potential impact of recurring incidents and solve problems… sustainably. When organizations place their focus on improving problem management processes, they see a measurable and immediate impact on IT stability.

What Diagnostics Is

Our Approach

  • Perform a high-quality Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA)

    Solve the most complex problems once and for all. KT’s best-in-class problem-solving approach drives you to focus on the most relevant data so critical resources are deployed efficiently.

  • Eliminate recurring incidents

    Stop firefighting. Firefighting is problem-fixing, not problem solving. KT processes guide you to identify and eliminate underlying causes and related incidents, reducing your backlog and significantly improving the morale of your incident teams.

  • Create knowledge that people can actually use

    Provide clear, consistent, and easy to understand documentation that steers you straight to the heart of the issue. Create an audit trail complete with re-usable knowledge articles that your entire organization will benefit from.

  • Manage problems proactively

    Extend your root cause analysis interventions to “thinking beyond the fix” to manage and minimize future risk and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Identify all contributing factors to high-impact incidents/problems so you can eliminate underlying systemic issues that are lurking in your processes and systems.


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Give your IT organization the stability it needs to perform

  • Drive a high-quality and consistent troubleshooting process
  • Get to the root cause of problems faster
  • Enable your team to think and communicate clearly and confidently
  • Eliminate trial-and-error behavior, waste, and loss of key data
  • Create a seamless information flow and re-usable knowledge
  • Everyone speaking the same language to solve problems faster

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