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Deepening expertise and sharing knowledge with an organization starts with establishing the right team to lead and facilitate this training. For over 60 years, our Train-the-Trainer programs, offered through our Leadership Development Institute (LDI), have been preparing Program Leaders within organizations with a blend of in-depth concept knowledge and instructor training. At Kepner-Tregoe, we intentionally use the term Program Leader, rather than instructor, because the responsibilities include activities outside the typical workshop environment. Through our Train-the-Trainer workshops, we equip Program Leaders to lead workshops and serve as clear thinking consultants who develop and implement programs designed to drive sustainability and align your organization for success.

What You Get

  • 10 days led by an expert instructor
  • Access to digital tools and resources
  • Preparation and coaching to deliver KT workshops in your organization
  • Observation and certification of delivery of first workshop, with coaching and feedback
  • Program Leader Certification
  • Certification Credits : 7 CEUs
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Contact us to inquire for more details or have the workshop customized upon your corporate needs.

  • Audience

    Individuals who have been selected by their management to bring the capability to deliver KT workshops into their organization.

  • Benefits

    Through our Train-the-Trainer workshops, your organization will benefit by:

    • Maximizing in-house skill development capability and equipping your teams with advanced process skills .
    • Customizing the workshop for different audiences and providing authentic examples related to the participants’ own environment.
    • Increasing results by investing in skill development.
  • Skills Developed

    • Acquire deep KT process understanding to confidently transfer the knowledge and skills to learners
    • Clarify capability development objectives and how they tie to business success
    • Identify areas of emphasis for development and how the new skills will be applied inside your business
    • Identify critical elements in your company’s performance environment that support or hinder the capability development process
    • Support pre- and post-skill development and coaching to ensure skills transfer from the “workshop room” into the real world is maximized
  • Pre-requisites

    Candidates must have previously attended a KT workshop matching the Kepner-Tregoe workshop they want to deliver (e.g. the candidate should have attended a PSDM workshop to be eligible to attend a PSDM LDI).

    An interview by a Kepner-Tregoe professional and selection based on pre-set criteria.

  • Quotes

    “For me, personally Kepner-Tregoe results can be measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars.”

    — Robert A. Lutz, Former Chairman, GM North America and Ford of Europe

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