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Organization Development

Creating the capacity to deliver great results

Improving an organization’s capability through the alignment of strategy and structure demands a rigorous approach to development.

Effective organizational development is rooted in psychology, culture, change management, and excellent leadership skills. Ultimately it is all about creating an environment that supports and enables people to perform at their best.

What Diagnostics Is

Build an organization that thrives

  • Strategic alignment

    When an organization is aligned to a clear strategic vision operational friction is reduced. Aligned leadership is effective across, and deep within, the organization. Expectations are clear and the commitments to meet them are visibly managed.

  • Human performance

    The organization effectively translates business strategy into a powerful people strategy, attracting and retaining the most capable individuals. People are clearly aligned and supported in the execution of roles and responsibilities. Accountability is paramount.

  • Process excellence

    Lean structures and processes reflect the organization’s strategic focus and the clear roles and accountabilities necessary to exploit them. The organization is capable to drive and sustain continuous improvement, large-scale changes all while anticipating and adapting to an increasingly volatile environment.

  • Workflow integration

    A thriving organization also understands the power of integrated technology workflows in driving performance. Inventive design solutions are utilized to improve the way business processes are captured, re-engineered, optimized, and automated.

Tying it all together

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When you encounter a high-performance organization, you know it. There is an energy and enthusiasm that drives behavior.

Employees are focused on attaining goals and are well-equipped with the skills to pursue them. They seek to improve themselves, the people around them and work to foster ongoing learning and growth. These employees are confident about their organization’s strategy and the changes that are occurring, rather than confused or resigned. Let KT help you create a high-performance organization.

Success Stories


Fokker wanted to increase their issue resolution maturity. This meant improving the quality and completeness of information about problems, accelerating root cause analysis and involving the right people at the right time.


decrease in spin-off costs


Non-Conformity reduction in 3 years in specific departments


Success has been measured in a drastic reduction in non-conformities which is saving millions of euros yearly. A pro-active culture has replaced the “fire-fighting” of reactive problem solving.


BAE Electronic Solutions (ES) in Manassas, Virginia, was using multiple troubleshooting approaches with inconsistent, time-consuming results; and clients were noticing.


savings from 10 largest applications


applications in 18 months


In 18 months, BAE Manassas documented 68 applications with the 10 largest yielding over $2 million in savings. Positive cultural changes came from increased interaction among the technical team, improved productivity, and better morale. Customer quality assurance audits reported marked improvements in BAE’s ability to troubleshoot issues quickly.


Incidents were becoming more complex, increasing the probability and risk of major outages The geographically disbursed team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) required a high degree of coordination during the incident handling process


reduction in Mean-Time-to-Restore


reduction in variation


After four months, Mean-Time-to-Restore had been reduced dramatically (74%) while variance in the time it took to resolve an incident had also been reduced significantly (77%).

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