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Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations

Complex Problem Solving

Solving complex problems requires a structured and disciplined approach. KT's Problem Analysis is a convergent progressive search methodology, and one of the global benchmarks in this domain.

Root Cause Analysis

The only way to eliminate a problem in such a way that it will not recur, is to find and control the root cause. KT is the global leader in root cause analysis.

Risk Reduction Management

Managing risk in such a way that it is eliminated or mitigated provides increased security and enhanced operational stability. This is a core KT competence.

Efficiency Improvement

The ultimate challenge in improving a manufacturing operation is to simultaneously do it better, faster, and at a lower cost while maintaining excellent quality. This is what KT does best.

Continuous Improvement

KT is specialized in helping companies find breakthrough improvements enabling a quantum leap in the performance of their products, services, and processes.

Problem Prevention

It is nice to solve a problem, but it is even better not to have one. KT has a unique proactive method for discovering what can go wrong, and preventing it from happening.

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Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

Clear Thinking for a Complex World

Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

A Modern Approach to Simplifying Complexity

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