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Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship

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Experience the power of learning through the KT Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship, a comprehensive program that enhances systematic problem-solving competence and team-based collaboration. Engage in an entertaining learning experience that challenges participants and improves troubleshooting abilities by building on the knowledge and skills gained in each round.

Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship

What is the Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship?

  • An event where teams compete with each other to complete different types of problem solving challenge in a simulation environment.
  • Teams receive immediate feedback on their problem solving performance.
  • Tailor-made for your organization and teams.

Contact us to inquire for more details or have the workshop customized upon your corporate needs.

  • Audience

    Any company with a large group of individuals that need to be trained on structured problem solving, even if they are geographically dispersed or work in different departments.

    The Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship is a great way to achieve 3 things simultaneously:

    • Provide the foundations of good systematic problem-solving process (root cause analysis)
    • Create an exciting, immersive, game-like learning experience to acquire valuable skills
    • Team-building when people are working from home or different locations.
  • Benefits

    The KT Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship stands out from other training programs because it leverages the power of gamification, learning by doing, and instant feedback.

    Similar to airline pilots who learn to fly in simulators, participants of the KT Troubleshooting Simulation Team Championship practice applied technical problem-solving in a safe, simulated environment that mirrors real-world challenges.

    With this competitive program participants will experience applied learning and then
    demonstrate increased speed to resolution.

    When solving operational problems, three things count: Time, cost and risk.
    Following each module, the teams receive an immediate evaluation of their performance across these metrics.

  • Skills Developed

    • Develop systematic problem-solving competence and team-based collaboration in a competitive yet supportive environment
    • Advance through each round, with increasing complexity and difficulty, to develop and showcase troubleshooting skills
    • While under pressure, learn how to apply systematic problem-solving to solve complex problems
    • Quickly gather the right information to find the real root cause
    • Eliminate false possible causes before taking action
    • Receive ongoing detailed feedback, allowing for continuous improvement and immediate application of new skills
  • Return on Investment

    • Faster solutions
    • Fewer fix attempts
    • Less downtime
    • Better hand overs
    • Improved communication
  • Quotes

    This championship prioritizes hands-on learning instead of using a conventional
    classroom setting. This innovative simulation-based approach provides an exciting
    alternative, where participants actively engage in entertaining, game-like scenarios
    that not only captivate them but also accelerate their learning.

    — Technical Services Director, Automotive OEM


    It was a great approach to training, made it fun and easier to learn some new problem solving techniques. The improvement for my team and myself was visible throughout the sessions, and encouraged us to do better.

    — Participant, Global Fortune 500 company


    I really like the way it was performed because we had to learn with our mistakes, with more practical actions than listening.

    — Participant, Automotive company


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