Asset Performance Management

Stay in front of asset performance issues

Our Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions help organizations improve reliability, increase asset availability, decrease costs and reduce the risk of failure for critical assets. Effective APM optimizes the data you monitor by ensuring the right information is collected and then used—not only to diagnose areas of concern and predict events but to find the cause of problems so you can take corrective measures to avoid recurrence.

We work with you to help people improve the way data is used to resolve issues, reduce the associated risks of problems across functional silos and collaborate effectively.

What Diagnostics Is

Improve team performance within increasingly digitized operations

  • Phase I: Detailed Diagnostic and Project Selection

    Through operational data analysis, interviews, plant studies and observations, we work with you to identify, quantify and prioritize improvement projects around reliability and availability of assets.

  • Phase II: Capability Development

    We improve the root cause analysis skills of your teams with an emphasis on using data effectively to accelerate issue resolution around specific areas of concern.

  • Phase III: Coaching and Integration

    As people apply new skills, we work with them to resolve issues, make process improvements and transfer knowledge gained to benefit others across your operations.

People drive Asset Performance Management

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Equipment reliability is both a technical and human challenge

Today’s digital environment builds high levels of stability but when problems do occur, they are bigger, more complex and may never have been experienced before. Pressure to find a quick solution is high. Add to this a global supply chain and demanding customers who just want it now. Improving people’s capabilities around APM helps control costs and improve performance of your most critical assets.

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