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Diagnostic reveals key insights to realign Incident Management function

Client: A global, multi-billion-dollar fintech company

Goal: Develop a detailed plan to better align processes, capabilities and tools, improve the customer experience and reduce incident cycle-time

Solution: Using the KT Diagnostic model, KT analyzed the existing business through four major lenses: People, Processes, Technology and Measurement, including Process Mining of 80,000+ tickets, a quality audit of over 100 incidents, shadowing and reviewing major incident bridge calls, interviewing managers and process owners, and assessing process efficiency, workflow, and tooling alignment.

Based on the information gathered in this diagnostic, KT presented findings regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and specific actions needed to improve the customer experience and align the business.

For example, when process mining revealed an abundance of rework loops, reassignment of tickets, and in-process delays, we identified the need for improved up-front questioning and situation assessment to ensure tickets are assigned appropriately and better align status with overall flow as well as increased monitoring for bottlenecks.

A detailed improvement program was developed that included:

  • re-alignment of value streams from the customer perspective
  • improving visual whiteboarding of incident data to drive more effective communication
  • implementing a structured problem-solving method
  • building a coaching culture to drive and sustain improvements

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