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Regional Managing Director, Europe

Key Facts

Christoph Goldenstern has been Regional Managing Director for Kepner-Tregoe’s European operations since January 2024.

Prior to this role, he was VP KT Digital and was responsible for Kepner-Tregoe’s innovation strategy, partnerships and product development. Over the years, Christoph has succeeded in a variety of functions, including overseeing Kepner-Tregoe’s IT Service Management line of products and services, helping clients in the technology and IT space to improve the performance of their service and support teams.

He has also been responsible for corporate strategy development, strategic marketing, branding and partnerships, as well as leading a global team of consultants who served clients in a range of high-tech industries providing a range of consulting and training services dedicated to helping clients achieve strategic and operational improvements.

Christoph takes a holistic approach to life. “Rather than look at things in isolation, it is important to me to really understand the different variables in a situation, how they work together, and how they impact each other.”

Clients such as Siemens and IBM are thankful for Christoph’s perspective and strategy expertise. For Siemens, Christoph and his team developed and implemented a strategy that dramatically improved the quality of technical support. By taking into account both process and people, the team helped raise Siemens’ customer satisfaction rating to an all-time high and reduced the backlog of unresolved cases by nearly 70 percent.

Prior to joining Kepner-Tregoe, Christoph provided business and marketing strategy to a host of business-to-business clients. He earned a Diplom-Kaufmann from The Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany and was a foreign exchange student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in the United States.

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