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Client success stories provide insights into how Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training services resulted in measurable improvements in targeted KPIs.

Client success stories are organized by industry, but many are relevant across industries because they illustrate dramatic results based on the application of analytic thinking to the problems, plans and decisions made by individuals and teams in our increasingly digitized and changing business environment.

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HCL – Transforming the customer experience

IT & Communication

As Education Lead for HCL Software Support, Rob Barker's challenge is to help the company level up its technical support function & to develop a "professional troubleshooting organisation". The organization aimed to shift from inward-looking KPIs towards customer-centric ones, focused on resolving the customer's actual concerns and helping them to succeed in using the software.


As HCL have steadily continued to embed the Kepner-Tregoe processes, they have experienced an improvement across multiple KPIs including a 10-20% improvement in cycle times and customer satisfaction. They have noticed a steady increase in NPS (net promoter score) to 60-70, a "holy grail" in an industry where 20-40 is the norm.

Strategic CAPA Process Assessment in the Pharma industry reveals key insights

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

A leading pharmaceutical company identified several key needs related to their Deviations as well as Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) processes. Deviations were not being closed within the regulatory compliance timeframe of 30 days. Additionally, they wanted to enhance the overall effectiveness of their Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) processes.


Kepner-Tregoe data analysts utilized advanced data analytics and process mining techniques to analyze deviations, CAPAs, lab investigations, and complaints. They uncovered hidden insights and optimization opportunities, identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and were able to make data-driven decisions for process optimization. A meticulous case quality audit was performed, assessing documentation quality, and identifying areas for improvement.

Effective Decision Making Drives Digital Transformation Success

Financial Services

Operating in one of the most dynamic regions in the world, the financial services group is focused on leveraging on digital technology to provide its customers with a full range of financial services towards a sustainable future. As the group grows from strength to strength leveraging on its early adoption of technology, its visionary CEO is keen to build the foundation for the next stage of growth by transforming its leadership across the organization. The quality of decisions made daily throughout the organization by leaders at various levels have a profound impact on the success of the organization. Leaders need to encourage dissenting views by creating a safe environment, consider the big picture, be data-driven while making decisions, even in the absence of complete information/vague information. There is also a need to empower others and take accountability while making decisions at speed. The goal is to create an effective and sustainable decision making culture within the organization. When the organization is recognized by others as a synonym for effective decision making with care for the environment, society and governance, it would be a very powerful engine for growth.


More than 1,500 leaders within the organization have gone through the application of the decision making processes on these specially designed scenarios hereby experiencing the value of a structured approach used at speed. The cross learning within the team also created realization of the values of embracing diversity and empowerment. With the critical mass of leaders within the organization making decisions in a structured and collaborative way, the desired decision making culture begins to take root and will continue to evolve to ensure relevancy in the fast changing environment.

NS BlueScope Malaysia Delivers a 16.1% Improvement


The manufacturing staff of NS BlueScope Malaysia - an international producer and supplier of steel products - who perform root-cause analysis encountered issues during the metal coating process. The data gathered for troubleshooting was inconsistent with line leaders and workers’ explanation of manufacturing problems. Tracking the effectiveness of corrective actions was not visible, and the trigger to determine which of the various troubleshooting tools to use, i.e., Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Fishbone, Problem Analysis (PA), was unclear.


KT conducted a diagnostic on the root cause analysis (RCA) process and identified strengths as well as areas for improvement in troubleshooting work-flows. This initiative helped create major improvements in downtime and line stops and the reduction of speed loss increased availability. Metal Coating Line OEE performance showed an increase from 77.66% to 90.17% from one year to the next. A 16.1% positive change.

Dramatic Improvements at North America’s Largest Power Plant

Power & Utilities

Facing growing operational problems and environmental concerns the plant needed to make rapid, dramatic improvements. Plant management initiated a major improvement initiative, collaborating with Kepner-Tregoe (KT ) to address a series of operational improvements.


Over 100 formal and many expedited process exercises resulted in sweeping improvements, millions of dollars in savings, and better environmental standards. Some examples included when the plant became dependent on rented compressed air systems to meet demand, a team used KT Decision Analysis (DA) to find a better alternative. Annual savings are $160K, reliability has increased, and environmental hazards reduced.

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