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A few words about the Paper Industry

Packaging is a vital global industry that is poised for continued growth through integrated and synchronized supply chains, and a focus on the environment enables market leaders to gain a competitive advantage. The industry faces new technological challenges, demographic changes, and resource concerns, and there is a growing emphasis on accelerating transformation in preparing for the way forward.

Kepner-Tregoe has worked in the industry for generations, building problem-solving skills and addressing safety and reliability on an increasingly global scale. As production has become increasingly digitized, there is a growing need for advanced critical thinking skills in a changing workforce. Industry leaders are turning to KT to help their management teams to solve complex operational problems, create new opportunities to improve quality and control costs, and enhance as well as sharpen classic tools such as Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement initiatives.

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Operational Excellence Crossroads: Humans and Machines

The digital disruption in manufacturing creates a dynamic landscape where Operational Excellence (OE) strives for stability, quality, and efficiency while continuing to service an increasingly demanding customer. Some OE foundations for an increasingly digital operation are outlined in this white paper.

Strategic Response - Linking Innovation to Strategy

“Differentiate or die!” Differentiation through product and service innovation is how we will survive and thrive. But in these challenging times, we cannot afford to squander scarce resources on poor ideas. Let’s look at how to ensure innovation is effective.

Applying continuous improvement to your production management processes

Beginning and sustaining an improvement journey can often mean fighting naysayers, inertia and reluctance to change work routines, even the bad ones. Yet, the perfect marriage of a continuous improvement culture and effective production management creates consistent, world-class performance.

The Consequences of Choice: The Final Step in Decision Making

The negative consequences of any action are as tangible as its benefits, sometimes more so. Before moving ahead with a decision, it is imperative to consider risk: the possible adverse consequences of feasible alternatives.


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