Our Basic Beliefs - The Core Values of KT

We are passionate about helping people and organizations work better.

We are focused on improving connections between people and systems. Building productive behaviors and turning data driven issue resolution into effective and meaningful results for our clients.

The Basic Beliefs extend the Statement of Purpose into the set of core values that underpin our business. They are the fundamental beliefs of the organization and therefore of the individuals that are employed by and associated with KT. These beliefs remain consistent and drive everything we do.

Our Basic Beliefs

Use Rational Process with a Passion

We will encourage a drive and passion for the ideas that provide solutions for our clients and colleagues through the use and transfer of our rational processes.

Create Value for Clients

Our work is designed to provide measurable value; in fact we work with our clients to prioritize targeted, sustainable improvements and then measure the value delivered.

Improve Quality and Provide Innovative Solutions

We will continually improve the quality of our services and search for new and creative ideas that will enable us to remain on the forefront of the application of rational thinking to business issues.

Build Trusting Relationships

We will continuously demonstrate and build respect for others, trustworthiness, and personal and professional integrity.

Promote Teamwork

We will promote teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation throughout Kepner-Tregoe.

Practice What We Preach

We will manage our business using Kepner-Tregoe processes.

Value Diversity

We value differences of both our colleagues and clients around the world and strive to help others use and share information across cultures, education, experiences, and backgrounds.

Share Information Openly and Honestly

We will share information throughout our company about its goals, performance, and activities and encourage open and honest discussion.

Maintain Autonomy

We will generate the profits needed to ensure the long-term growth of our organization, enhance the value of ownership, and protect the option to remain independent and employee owned.

Build a Fair, Motivating Performance Environment

We will reward and advance our people based on their capabilities and performance.

Balance Personal and Professional Objectives

We will strive to satisfy the personal and professional needs of our people while working for the greater good of the Kepner-Tregoe team worldwide.


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