KT Praktijkstudie: Hoe KT Clear Thinking Interbake Foods aan succes hielp

Why don’t companies spend more time and resources to develop clear and rational thinking processes for their organizations—and more importantly, employees? First, according to Ray Baxter, CEO of Kepner-Tregoe, is that many organizations don’t fully understand the importance of learning how to think. Another reason is that some executives—who newly understand the power of critical thinking as a business advantage— have the illusion that a “once-and-done” training approach is the way to successful implementation. Finally, according to Baxter, is that executives simply aren’t up to the challenge of implementing the changes that need to be made to transform their companies into thinking organizations.

Read Het creëren van een denkende organisatie: Een casestudy and learn how Interbake Foods, a Richmond, Virginia-based food processing company famous for their role in delivering millions of Girl Scout cookies each year implemented KT Clear Thinking and achieved impressive results—including doubling their pounds produced per employee while cutting plant overhead cost per pound produced in half.


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