KT Clear Thinking Pt II: Four Simple Questions that Drive Bottom Line Results

Did you know when you or your employees begin to analyze a production challenge or other issues your company may face, there are four patterns of thinking that intuitively lead their thought processes? These essential patterns of thinking are based on four types of questions that people ask every day—sometimes subconsciously:

1) What’s going on?
2) Why did this happen?
3) What course of action should we take?
4) What lies ahead?

These questions help you develop a step-by-step, approach to problem solving. They define what is appropriate and most effective enabling you and your team to achieve your desired end result. Further, these thinking processes help you to clarify and prioritize issues and concerns, determine what the potential cause and effect relationships might be, all to assist you in making choices as well as identifying future threats and opportunities.

In our latest installment of our video blog series on KT Clear Thinking, we talk more about these four essential thinking patterns and what outcomes are produced by each.

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