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  • Type: Learning
  • Time: Approximately 160 hours
  • Cost: Paid

This badge earner has completed multiple KT learning events, including: attending the session they now teach, applying the concepts to create tangible application results, completing KT’s train-the-trainer program (called ‘Leader Development Institute’ or LDI), preparing to lead their first session and successfully leading that session guided by a KT consultant who coaches, observes and provides them with feedback. Program Leaders are able to prepare learners to learn, execute training sessions using KT’s Systematic Teaching approach, and coach learners during the learning process to successfully complete practice scenarios, as well as work on real-life issues.

Earning Criteria

The person having earned this badge has successfully completed the session they now lead

Has successfully completed one or more full applications of the KT processes they now teach to others

Has successfully completed KT’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) to learn the content they teach and KT’s "Systematic Teaching" approach, as well as completed numerous practice teaches

Has successfully completed all required preparation in advance of their first teach including teaching examples and content contained in practice exercises

Has successfully completed teaching an initial session with a KT consultant in attendance to ensure quality, continuity and competency across all areas of the session

Has demonstrated their ability to coach new learners in the use of the KT processes during practice exercises and use on learners real-world issues

Skills Gained:

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Systematic Instruction

  • 7 steps to transfer KT skills
  • Presentation techniques
  • Coaching techniques

Content Mastery

  • Model and details for each KT process step
  • Ability to answer technical questions
  • Ability to discuss both concrete and abstract elements

Application Capability

  • Use KT concepts on own issues
  • Technically correct application
  • Provide feedback to others

Materials Knowledge

  • Familiar with the location of content in the training materials
  • Use of practice exercises for a variety of audiences

Stakeholder Management

  • Assessment of learning objectives
  • Relationship development
  • Provide feedback on learning process and outcomes

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